Combination Plate

Paper wrapped chicken (2), BBQ ribs (2), skewered beef (2), egg rolls (2), fried wonton (4), and fried shrimp (2)

Egg Rolls (4)

Crispy and filled with carrots and cabbage.

Tottie Rolls (4)

Vietnamese style egg rolls. A real treat wrapped in cool lettuce.

Shanghai Egg Rolls (4)

Filled with pork, shiitake mushrooms and napa cabbage.

Spring Rolls (4)

Vietnamese Goi Cuon: Soft rice paper rolls with bean sprouts, herbs and rice vermicelli.  Served wiith peanut sauce.

Traditional (pork & shrimp)


Shrimp Tempura

Soft Shell Crab


Sugarcane Chicken

Chicken meatballs skewered on sugarcane and served with cilantro, mint, cucumber, and rice vermicelli. Wrap it all in cool lettuce and dip in peanut sauce.

Beef on Skewers (4)

Chicken Satay Sticks (2)

Marinated chicken on a bamboo skewer, served with peanut sauce.

Soft Shell Crab with Ponzu Sauce


Shrimp Puffs (6)

BBQ Pork Ribs (4)

Fried Wonton (10)

Fried Tofu (8)

Fried tofu wedges served with peanut or cucumber sauce.

Potstickers (5)

Spicy Cucumber